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Our goal has always been to offer superior products at a fair price and to assist our customers in making their products more functional, distinctive, and attractive. This is accomplished through our excellent product development services.
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Braided Elastic Cord

Large dia.Cord

Small dia.Cord

Cord in dif  Colours
Cord on Spools

Cord on Spools

Cord on Spools - Polyethylene

Cord on Spools

Small Dia.Cord

Bungee Cord - Assorted Colors
Cotton Double Braided Cord
Bungee/Shock Cord Assemblies
“S” Hooked Cord
Ball Bungee Cord
Ball Bungee Cord
Spring Hooked Assemblies
Ring Assemblies
Ring Assemblies
Hooked Assemblies
Hooked Assemblies

Galvanized Hooked Assemblies

Loop Assemblies
Plastic Coated Spring Hooked Cord
Large Plastic Hooked Assemblies
Plastic Hooked Assemblies
Plastic Hooked Assemblies
Assemblies with Closed Plastic Cord
Plastic Hardware
Toggle Assemblies
Assorted Bungee Cord Assemblies

Bungee Cord Metal Hardware


Non Elastic Cords(Rigid cord)

Non Elastic (Rigid Cord) Dif Sizes & Colors


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