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American power cord corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of shock/bungee cord in North America.American power cord specializes in custom assemblies utilizing shock/bungee cord.American power cord corp. has an excellent product development department which is more than glad to work with YOU  to meet your specific needs of shock cord/bungee cord.

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Our goal has always been to offer superior products at a fair price and to assist our customers in making their products more functional, distinctive, and attractive. This is accomplished through our excellent product development services.

Shock/Bungee Cord
Shock/Bungee cord is constructed with a core consisting of continuous strands of rubber with a jacket made of abrasion-resistant material such as nylon, polyester or polypropylene.

Small Diameter Shock/Bungee Cord
Style # Diameter (In Inches) Put-Up Lengths (In Feet Per Spool)
EC-132 1/32 1000 FT.
EC-116 1/16 1000 FT.
EC-332 3/32 1000 FT.
Large Diameter Power Cord
Style # Diameter (In Inches) Put-Up Lengths (In Feet Per Spool) Min. Breaking Strength (In lbs.) Elongnation
EC-118 1/8 500 or 1000 50 120% + 15
EC-316 3/16 500 or 1000 100 120% + 15
EC-114 1/4 500 160 120% + 15
EC-516 5/16 500 200 120% + 15
EC-318 3/8 300 250 120% + 15
EC-112 1/2 100 360 120% + 15
EC-518 5/8 100 500 120% + 15
Rigid Cord
We manufacture knitted and braided rigid cordage such as draw cords, sash cords, traverse cords, and more. Call for details.
Special-Sized Cord
3/4" & 1" diameter Power Cord are made only by order. Minimum order sizes apply. Call for more information.
Materials available for jackets are nylon, polyester or polypropylene. Standard finishes are White with black tracer and solid black. Standard finish items are always stocked. Other colors and materials, such as cotton, are available upon request.
Wire Hooks
PVC-Coated Wire Hooks for 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" and 1/2" diameter Power Cord are stocked in black finish. Other colors are available upon request. ABS open and closed hooks for 1/4" Power Cord and Jumbo closed hooks for 5/16" Power Cord are also stocked in black finish.
Metal Rings for crimping purposes are available in stainless steel as well as galv steel for all Power Cord sizes
Cord Locks
Cord locks are available in various shapes and sizes. Call for details.
Cord Assemblies
We do all kinds of custom assemblies and custom cutting with our cord, including Rigid Cord. Call for more information.
Founded in the year 1981, American Power Cord, Corp. is one of the leading manufacturers of elastic, as well as non-elastic, braided cordage in the United States.
The plant, warehouse, and offices are located at 217 Brook Ave. in Passaic, NJ, where the company has been operating from since 1994. Mr. Makil A. Simon, is the President & CEO of American Power Cord. Mr. Simon joined the company in the year 1994, and has a record of distinguished services with Corporate America for the last 25 years.

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